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Gift Education

CX Education Society thanks all the Donors for their contribution, love and support with Your Helping Hands we are Able to Support Poor & Needy People’s

Gift Education

Your Small Contribution can Change Someone’s Life.

Food For Hunger

Your Small Contribution can Change Someone’s Life.

Orphanage Support

Your Small Contribution can Change Someone’s Life.

Support Ankita Patel

10 Y/O Need Urgent Support : Uncontrolled Sugar.

Support Akshay Sen

11 Year Old Child 5th Standard (Mahaveer Children Academy) Need Your Support.

Support Abhay Sen

10 Year Old Child 4th Standard (Mahaveer Children Academy) Need Your Support.

Support Shresth

11 Year Old Child 5th Standard (St.Thomas School Sadar) Need Your Support.

Support Shreyanshi

10 Year Old Child 4th Standard (JABALI KANYA SCHOOL) Need Your Support.

Support Nandini

11 Year Old Child 5th Standard (BMD HITKARINI School) Need Your Support.

Support Ankita

11 Year Old Child 5th Standard (BMD HITKARINI School) Need Your Support.

Support Akshay Sen Brain Disease

11 Year Old Child Need Support for  His Medical Treatment.

Support Bal Niketan

There Are 100+ Orphan’s Need Your Small Contribution for Better Life.

Education Support

CX Education Society is working towards improving the quality of education for the underprivileged students of the society.

Healthcare Support

The health of a society’s children has a significant impact on its future. Parents and teachers, as constructive shapers of children’s health behaviours, should play an important role in early personal hygiene education for children.


We are reaching out and supporting the invisble individuals – the daily wage workers, elderly and vulnerable children, frontline health and aid workers.

CX EDUCATION SOCIETY is a Human Right Organization which works for Education, Health & Nutrition for Children’s Other than this we work for early symptoms & Other Causes that are responsible for Any type of Disease.
“Child is Meant to Learn, Not to Earn”

Our Mission

To inspire hope and contribute to Education, health and well-being by providing the best care to every Needy Child through integrated Awareness and education Support. 

Our Vision

*To bring about social awareness and affect a positive change towards Child Education, Health & Survival & Other Diseases.

*To provide education to the child and thus make economically self-reliant & work till lasting changes in there life.

*To work towards the all-round progress of the Needy children’s & Family at all levels.

Previous Academic Year Education Support

Thank You Very Much Our Valuable Donor’s with Your Support and Helping Hands we have Completed Education Support for 5 children’s. 

🌟 🌟🌟 🌟 🌟

Akshay Sen – 5th Standard

Abhay sen -4th Standard

Shresth -5th Standard

Shreyanshi -4th Standard

Nandini -4th Standard

#Right now our foundation has given financial help to these 5 children. Now We have to support these 5 children for the academic session 2022-23 #

We get calls everyday from needy they approach with great expectation..But we can’t commit to them without your support🙏🏻

“Apart from these 5 children, we want to support 10+ such children.But we are not able to give them commitment without your support.”

We Have to Support 5 Students Right Now.. 

Admission & Enrollment Fees : 3000/- Each

School Books : 2000/- Each

Copies & Stationary : 1276/-

Total Support Need : 6276/- For Each Students(Approx) 

So we request to you please donate as more as you can every single donation will give a hope yo help child life🙏

Please Click Below Link to Check All Receipt and Details. 

Education Support Done

About Us : Documents

CX EDUCATION SOCIETY is Human Right Organization Est. 19-05-2019

We Have Successfully Support Many Organization and Society to provide Better Facilities to Their Causes and Campaign. 

Registration Certificate:


3rd Floor Khushi Plaza Napier Town Jabalpur (M.P.) 482001

+91 9713-101-555

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